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Thomas Salzberger

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Hello all.
I would appreciate your assistance please.
I wish to locate information for Anna S. GRUSZECKA. I do not know anything about her or her GRUSZECKA roots. I am surprised to find GRUSZECKA/GRUSZECKI in Vienna, Austria. The name has been focused  in Poland.
Many thanks in advance for your much appreciated help.
Be well,
 Jacqueline Gruszecki,  Toronto,Ontario,Canada


I would recommend you double-check the results and do further research also on
It is a free service, you just have to register.

It is a very good source on everything about Austria and also captures parts of Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
There is an English interface available.
I guess this might be of interest to other subscribers, too.

In your concrete case, I did a quick search that confirms your finding:

Last Name Gruszecka
First Name Anna S.
Code 2 (comment: code 2 means marriage)
Location Stadttempel (comment: that is Vienna's main synagogue in the first district, a nice building, it survived the November Pogrom only because it was too dangerous for neighboring buildings to set it on fire, my great grand parents married there, too; suggest you visit it when in Vienna)
BookVolume T
Date 1911
Number 547
Last Name Bride Birnbaum
First Name Bride Hirsch
(comment: if the main entry is for a female person, "bride" is groom ;-) )

Other than this entry, I also found the following:

No. 14825
Last Name Gruszecka vereh. Birnbaum (comment: "vereh."=German "verehelicht", wich means "married")
First Name Sofia (comment: the S. in the name I guess)
Date of Birth 1886.10.10
Birth Parisch Warschau,(Russland)  (comment: Warsaw part of Russia in a sense)
Rigorosen Date 1912.10.25 (comment: means she graduated from medicine on Oct 25, 1912, a year after she had married in Vienna).

There is another entry according to which she graduated on Oct 31.

Apparently, she was catholic at birth.

Hirsch Birnbaum might have been born in Krakow on July 16, 1885, also studied medicine in Vienna and graduated on March 3, 1912 (or Feb 10).
The different dates may refer to the dates of the last exam and the actual promotion ceremony, perhaps.

You can also find something on Hirsch at "Krakow vital records: births" on Jewishgen.
father BIRNBAUM Jeruchem
mother CYPRES Chaja Tauba
mother's father Dawid
mother's mother Beila

Should you need further support, feel free to send me a private email.

Best wishes

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