Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

Sarah L Meyer

First ethnicity percentages are estimates - not set in stone.  As more data arrives they get revised.  I do suggest that you upload your results (download the raw data from FTDNA, then upload the zipped files (do not unzip them) to MyHeritage, which has more Jewish categories, such as Sephardic and Mizrachi.  I do agree that very small percentages are to be ignored.   As far as Gedmatch is concerned - the J test is outdated, and the other tests do not have Jewish categories, but are interesting. You can also upload to living DNA, but be aware that they do not have ANY Jewish ethnicity categories-- but you will get new matches.  The most important results that you get from any of these services is not ethnicity, but the matches, which allow you to hopefully expand your family tree.   You can definitely do an mtDNA test, but that should only pick out her Irish ancestry.  In order to get a handle on your father's Y haplotype, you need to test male first or second cousins on your paternal side.  For the second cousins they need to be sons of sons - so that you are looking at the "surname" line.  In my case I ended up testing two male second cousins - two sons of two of my paternal grandfather's brothers. (My father had only one sister and she died at 14 months).  However his father had two brothers, I tested them both with Y tests at FTDNA and with family finder.   We were all related using Family Finder - the autosomal test.  However, the two "second" cousins had different Y haplotypes - and were actually a second cousin and a 1/2 second cousin.  If your budget only extends to one second cousin - choose the grandson of the brother closest in age to your grandfather.
Sarah L Meyer
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