Re: Is there a way to find out who livved at an addres in Riga in 1922? #latvia


Hello Moshe, 

I recently was doing research on my family tree in Riga as well, and discovered that there seem to be Riga city directories available. You can search the web for "Rigasches Addressbuch." I was able to find Here is some more information that might help: You should be able to search by street or surname. 

If you want to see what the street looks like *now*, you can go into Google Maps, and search for variations of Roumanoff. The map should have the current street name, which is in Latvian ("iela"). ex: Roumanoff iela  (Strasse is the German word for street, as it was under German control at that time.)

Hope that helps!
Rebecca Benzer

Davidson, Bespaloff, Haits/Latvia

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