Seeking Short Translation from Handwritten Yiddish note on Viewmate #yiddish #translation


I've just posted on Viewmate a picture of a note written by my grandmother on the top of a See's Candy box in which she stored important mementos and photos.  She died in 1971, and the box contained some documents from the 1940's.  I've tried but can't find anyone who could read or translate this writing.  I'm hoping someone can read this short note and offer a translation.  If needed, I can try to enhance the picture.  Here is a direct link to the photo, which is 82051.   Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


KUNKIS/LEHMAN/LAYMON from Glubokoye, Disna District, Vilna Guberniya (Northern Belarus/Eastern Lithuania region)
LEIBOWITZ/GRUSINSKY/GRUZINSKY/GRUSIN from Kelme and surrounding area, Lithuania/South Africa
SCHRIER/PACHTER/PECHTER from Yarmolinits/Jarmolincy, Dunayevtsy, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Tarnoruda, Ukraine
KOSSOI/KOSSOY/PEVTZOV/MARGOLIN from Vetka, Gomel, Chechersk, Belarus

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