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Rick Zeckel

My mother and members of her family fled Antwerp in May 1940 and ended up in Bousquet d'Orb. Among that group was my great-grandmother Zizel Balsom and she was the only one of that group who was NOT sent to Camp d'Agde in August 1942 and from there to Rivesaltes. The three women in the camp were sent back to Bousquet d'Orb in September of that year, the two men sent to Auschwitz where it is presumed they died. I know that the next spring my mother and grandmother obtained fake papers and made their way to Grenoble where the spent the rest of the war. The two returned to Antwerp in May 1945 and the remaining surviving women returned two months later. My great-grandmother did not return and the documents I've found indicated she was dead by then. I'm trying to find where and how she died. Any suggestions on how I might access records of deaths in those areas during that time would be greatly appreciated.
Rick Zeckel
Carmel, Indiana  USA
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