2 Questions about my great aunt's entry on a passenger manifest #general

Ryan Cramer

I have 2 questions about Sima Silberstein (my great aunt)'s designation on the passenger manifest that I was hoping someone could shed some light on.  I've outlined both in red.  
  1. The first question is the "sis" designation next to her name.  Am I to believe that she is Chane Gelfand's sister?  I haven't yet found any other records tying the two of them together, even when they are in the states (i.e., none of the Gelfands are mentioned in any sibling or parent obituaries, etc).
  2. In the column which designates who they are going to join (i.e., relative, friend), Chane indicates she's joining her husband "S. Gelfand", but I'm unable to decipher what was written for Sima in that column.  It looks like a "6" or a "b", followed by an "r" or an "n", an "i", and an "l" or an "e".  Any ideas?   Thx in advance!
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