Dov Cohen's list if Izmir brides and grooms #sephardic

Jeff at SG

In Paris, at the 1997 Annual Meeting of the International Jewish Genealogy Conference Professor Dov Cohen presented  a list of names of 7,300 Brides and Grooms from the Jewish community of Izmir. That list of names was never published and remained difficult to find.

Good news: Prof. Cohen has just made available an expanded version of this list, containing 11,280 names. 

This new searchable database is available at

and provides the following data elements:
Surname, and alternatives, Given Names and Aliases, Year of the marriage, and Sex of the individual. The marriages took place between 1820 and 1933 in Izmir.

For those researching ancestry in Turkey, Prof. Dov Cohen has also made available another list, this time of burials at the Gürçesme Izmir Cemetery. This covers burials during 1927 and 1928. It can be searched at:

Thank you Dov Cohen

Jeff Malka   <jeffmalka@...>


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