Looking for descendants of Leibl GOLDBERG (originally from Falticeni) #romania #unitedkingdom

Dexter Moseley

Looking for descendants of Leibl/Leibel Goldberg (d.o.b 15 Dec 1890 in Falticeni), son of Moshe ben Avram/Morris Goldberg (killed by a mob outside a synagogue in Falticeni) and Rosa (nee Itic/Itzic/Swarz) who later emigrated with family to the UK, along with brothers Marcu/Marcus/Max d.o.b 25 May 1895 and Mendel d.o.b 02 Sept 1889. Leibl/Leibel Goldberg is believed to have left the UK in 1915 (possibly to the US) under the name Louis Goldberg

The descendants of Max Goldberg who still live in the UK appreciate any contact concerning Leibl/Leibel/Louis' descendants.

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