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These numbers in the last column are a count of the males - females on the passenger list. It is easily confirmed by looking at the column with the heading "Sex" and adding up the males and the females.  At the bottom of the last column there should be a total, e.g.,  16 -11- 27.   It was common to see this on passenger lists of this period.  There must have been a reason for doing this, but I have not seen it explained.

David Rosen, Boston, MA

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You don't say above what information those numbers are coding, though presumably not for the cause and date of a death.  Is there a guide to what those codes mean, and might they be of any genealogical interest?  Thank you.
Steve Gold

"Those numbers in the Cause of Death column on Customs Lists have long been a source of confusion.  They are annotations made later by gov't statistical clerks when "coding" the documents for official US immigration statistics.  Clerks used that column for this data because it was usually the largest block of available empty space on the page.

Occasionally the column was used during the voyage to record a death, and those notations will typically contain an obvious date and sometimes a cause of death, or even "buried at sea.""

Marian Smith

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