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Thank you. for your precise and wonderful  (which I Hope I can mange.. printing it out first..andfollow the directions -just like knitting directions!)
I hope to learn more and be able to manage it with my  computer. ALlmy best and thank you!!. 

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JewishGen Discussion Group

A Few Tips About Hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool for indexing, categorizing, sorting, searching, and muting the Discussion Group postings by topic.

Are there certain topics you have no interest in reading about? Would you prefer not to see messages tagged with these topics? 

You Can “Mute” Hashtags to Filter and Decrease the Number of Messages You Receive 

Clicking on the “mute” feature allows you to stop receiving messages that are tagged with a certain topic in which you are not interested.

How to Mute Topics

  1. Visit  (You may need to sign in. This requires your Discussion Group password, not your main JewishGen website password. Tip: You may create the same passwords for both the website and the Discussion Group.)

  2. Once you are logged in, click on #Hashtags in the left-hand column (or, if you are on a mobile device, you may need to click on “more” first, then on #Hashtags).

  3. The hashtag chart will appear or click on “See All”

  4. Click the “mute” button on any topic you no longer want to read about.

  5. You can “unmute” a muted hashtag by following the above process and clicking “unmute”.

  6. If you need assistance, please contact the Support Desk at support@....

Hashtag Format

If you are adding a hashtag to your email, please follow the guidelines below. If you don’t add hashtags, the Discussion Group Moderators will do so for you.

  1. Hashtags can be added only at the end of the subject line of your email.

  2. Hashtags must be typed in lower case, such as #belarus or #translation.

  3. There are no spaces between the words for multi-word hashtags, such as #latinamerica, #southafrica, and #unitedkingdom.

  4. If you are adding more than one hashtag, a space is required between the hashtags.

  5. Please use only the approved hashtags. See the hashtag chart on the main page - you may need to click “See All”.

  6. If you are unsure about what tag to use, don’t add one! The Moderator will do so.

  7. If you need assistance, please contact the Support Desk at support@....

Nancy Siegel 

Director of Communications




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