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Garri Regev

Upcoming IGRA virtual programming:

IGRA "Show & Tell" Zoom sessions and our Webinar series continues!

The IGRA "Show & Tell" sessions for the first two weeks of June are listed below. The sessions are 9 pm Israel time, 2 pm EDT. (45 minutes)

You need to register in advance for these sessions and you will be sent the entrance link. These sessions are open to all.

Monday, June 1 in English, 9 pm Israel time - Rose Feldman will talk about Election records as they appear in the IGRA database collection. Registration: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMqcOitrjkqGNF6C4VeArddLpBC-pZImvdD

Wednesday, June 3 in Hebrew, 9 pm Israel time-

רוז פלדמן תדבר על השימוש ברשומות בחירות כחלק
מסיפור המשפחה כפי שמופיע במאגרים של העמותה למחקר גנאלוגי בישראל

Registration: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUsceysqDopGtZylTOIh0aLeoYH3Ddrfx1M


Monday, June 8 in English, 9 pm Israel - Janette Silverman will talk about personal experiences with Travel and Research in Lithuania: Kaunas Region. Registration: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcrcO-gqDojGtUvOrwY2OKpeTBt2zo2KBgR

Wednesday, June 11 in Hebrew , 9 pm Israel time –

דניאלה אליגון - איך עולים על עקבותיהם של קרובי משפחה שחיו בוינה (אוסטריה) ובונים את הסיפור שלהם? מסע בין אתרי אינטרנט וארכיונים מקומיים במטרה להכיר קרוב משפחה שנספה בשואה ולא הותיר צאצאים

Registration: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMvcuuprjkqGdez4ACLVrBG3YVueWY2h_o6


WEBINAR: 7 pm Israel time, noon EDT - Sunday, June 7

IGRA 2020 Webinar Series - Thierry Samama; Sources for the Genealogy of Tunisian Jews - This webinar will present essential sources for the genealogy of your Jewish ancestors in Tunisia - the last ten years have seen major progress in the publication of genealogical sources, allowing to reach the early 19th or late 18th centuries in many cases.

Registration: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7307574586176440332


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Garri Regev


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