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Hi Anita,
Otaki also known as Ataki is a town in Bessarabia, a distinct territory in Moldova. During the history, Otaki was under  Russian rule, Romanian rule and now is in the Republic of Moldova. ROM  is an independent state and separated from the Romanian Moldavia, although it was part of Moldavia and the large majority of the population is of Romanian origin. What you found in the provided link is about a woman hospitalized in Iasi, the capital city of the Romanian Moldavia.

If you search JewishGen for Levitis in Ataki you'll find many people, most of them in the first half of the 19th century. Regarding your grandparents, the only clue I found is Yeshayahu Levit & family as victims of the Holocaust in Ataki. Shaia is a diminutive form of the Hebrew name Yeshayahu. The information is from the Ataki Yizkor Book  published in 1993 in Tel Aviv. There is a memorial monument in Holon cemetery (Israel) dedicated to the Holocaust victims from Ataki. Yeshayahu Levit name is engraved on the monument.

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Anita  kastamp@... wrote:
I am looking for any information related to my background. I don't know much about my family. My father, Sulim Levites, had four brothers: Israel, Aron, Henrique, and Blandina. All siblings moved to Brazil, first in Bahia and then São Paulo. My grandparents' names are Enta and Shaia. I was able to find one record with the name Ienta Levitis ( sure if she is my grandmother though and nothing about my grandfather.

Moreover, my father and his siblings were born in Otaci. I was able to find many records by looking for the Surname "Levites" and phonetically similar. How do I know if any is related to me?
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