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Stephan Owen Parnes

David Rosen is correct about the totals representing the count of males and females on the manifest page.


The reason for the various subtotals as you move down the page has to do with the tally of the passengers by nationality.  Thus, on this page, for example, there are 2 males and 0 females from England, 1 male and 0 females from Bohemia, 2 males and 1 female from Holland, 9 males and 5 females from Germany, and so forth.


The tally is usually to the right of the first mention of a particular nationality as you move down the manifest.  Here, however, you may note that the tally for Germany is found to the right of the second entry for Germany.  Nevertheless, this is how it operates.


I learned about this when I was a volunteer at the now closed genealogy room at the National Archives branch in Pittsfield, MA, in the mid 1990s.


You can read more about manifest notations in a blog entry by Stephen Danko, here and here


Stephan Parnes

Great Barrington, MA


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These numbers in the last column are a count of the males - females on the passenger list. It is easily confirmed by looking at the column with the heading "Sex" and adding up the males and the females.  At the bottom of the last column there should be a total, e.g.,  16 -11- 27.   It was common to see this on passenger lists of this period.  There must have been a reason for doing this, but I have not seen it explained.

David Rosen, Boston, MA

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