Re: Percentages of ancestry - my Ashkenazi father seems to be partly of Italian/Greek descent? #dna

Carolyn Lea

I apparently did something wrong because my message did not appear!  As others have said ethnicity is less important than matches as ethnicity is only an estimate and it changes when companies do an update. I recommend reading Judy Russell's blog on ethnicity estimates. 
Here are a few.

And there are more! Also, because you are 1/2 Jewish your matches are more likely to be more distant than what is indicated (although FTDNA does adjust for this). In the latest incarnation on FTDNA my mother's German Ancestry became Scandinavian. Judy's was and she now has some German. her father was from Germany and his families lived in the same area for at least the last 200 yrs!

Hope this is helpful. 

Carolyn Lea (Schwarzbaum)

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