Re: Anglicised surname #unitedkingdom #ukraine #names

Jill Whitehead

The answer is Yes and No. The migrant may have anglicised their name - in my family's cases Brin became Brown, Serwianski became Servian, and Guttenberg became Graham. However a significant number reverted back to their patronymic name. So again in my family's case, Ceglarski became Abraham and then Abrams after my great grandfather Nathan's father's first name Abraham/Abram.Yet others used names that related to occupation or bore no apparent relationship to anything. So my great grand uncle Baruch Serwianski became Barnet Servian and then Barnet Silverman - he made mirrors which required silvering - and later when he emigrated a second time from Liverpool to Chicago (after 40 years in Liverpool) he became Bernard Maxwell (after his father Mordecai or Max). My great uncle changed his name from Abraham Jacob Servian to Albert Lynam. We do not know where this name came from.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK

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