Re: Discussion Group - Tips About Hashtags #guidelines


This is very helpful.  I have noticed quite a few people using the #general hashtag, so many as to make it meaningless.
Can we not restrict the use of this hashtag to procedural questions rather than specific issues regarding our research?
Barbara Sloan, Conway, SC   <jbonline1111@...>

Moderator Note:  The "#general" tag indicates a few things:

1. Regions of the world that are not covered by another hashtag.

2. All other research topics.

3. This tag was put on some 262,000 archived messages from the old (plain text) JGDG when those messages were absorbed in the new
    list message archives. Hashtags are helpful but not essential because the archive search feature of this new medium is so fast and efficient. 
    Any place name or family NAME or specific area of research in a message with the #general tag can be found quickly by searching for
    those words.           Click Messages then Search and enter the word / words in the search box and click Search again.       Moderator2

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