Child, FEIGE/GUSSIE lost in Transit approx 1902...arriving into New York alone

Marcella S

Feige aka Gussie [MATUS/MARCUS] was lost in transit  and arrived in New York in abt 1902, alone.  The story has her being 4 years old at the time but she may have been as old as 8…b 1894-1897 Panevesz Lithuania

She may not have been able to convey her last name properly when she arrived.  She was transported to an orphanage. ….? 

Somehow she eventually found family, last name Marcus and by 1925 was married to NATHANSON….she was always known as Gussie in her later life

Any suggestions on how to find Gussie’s earlier days in the orphanage or passage to New York - are most welcome

Thanks   Stay safe and well    Marcella Shames   <marcellash@...>

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