Seeking descendants of Shlomo/Zalman FRIEDMAN and Sarah COHEN #belarus #russia

Judy Kaufman <judykaufman7@...>

I can't find any information about where my great grandmother Anna Friedman (1873-1938) came from or who her siblings were.  She emigrated to NYC but I can't figure out which of the many Anna Friedmans on ship logs she might be. She married Jacob Rosenblum from Brest in NY in 1890.  On census data her birthplace is always just Russia.  Marriage, death certificates, etc. name her parents as Solomon/Shlomo/Zalman Friedman and Sarah Cohen.  I have found 3 other Friedmans (William, Frieda, Line) living in NYC around the same time who have parents with those same names, but the names are so common I can't be sure they are the same parents.  And DNA matching has so far not brought me anyone with information. 

Judy Leiderman Kaufman
Irvine, CA

LEIDERMAN (Khashchuvatye)

WEINSTEIN (Sokolow-Malopolski)

RINENHEIM (Sokolow-Malopolski)

RASKIN (Chernihiv)


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