Barry Clarke

Simply put, does anyone know if STEIGLITZ/STIEGLITZ, while sounding more like a German name from Galicia, was also a name that could have come from Russian Poland? Or would it have had to have been SZTYGLIC/SZTYGLITZ if from Russian Poland?

The background is that this man was my great-grandmother's husband. She was from Jedwabne or somewhere in Russian Poland. He apparently died while serving in the army 1880 to 1883 around the time my grandfather was born. The problem is we don't know even his first name. My father spelt the surname STEIGLITZ or STIEGLITZ but I have no way of knowing if he knew the spelling or just guessed at it. My father thought that his father (the son of S....z) was born in or near Krakow but a genealogist tells me that is not likely if the family S....z married into was from Russian Poland. The same genealogist, therefore, is of the view that the name was SZTYGLIC/SZTYGLITZ. The name was never used after the early 1880s death as my great-grandmother emigrated to the UK and took her anglicised maiden name CLARKE which was the name my grandfather went by. So, what I want to know is if the German-spelt name could easily have been correct if he was nevertheless Russian Polish, or would he most definitely have had the Polish spelling if he was from Russian Poland. Thank you!

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