Re: Ship Manifest codes #usa


Stephen, David, et al:

Pardon me if this is a duplicate. I sent it previously but have not seen
it appear.

Thank you all for your replies. When I first read David's reply, it was
obvious that the total on p. 3 of the manifest was the breakdown by sex
of all the passengers on those three pages. That was no mystery. I was
not able to align the individual notations with any category, even with
family groups. These were steerage passengers, so the groups were not in
separate cabins. For my person of interest, on line 8 of p. 1, I know he
traveled alone, and that he was later naturalized in the Southern
District of NY in 1903, which gave weight to the possibility that the
notation represented a naturalization code. The code "1-3", however,
doesn't align with it representing the number of people from Russia --
unless one stretched it to mean that he was 1 + 3 more from Russia.
(There were 4 passengers from Russia on that page and on the list as a
whole.) Thanks to Stephen for the Danko blog links, and to everyone who
weighed in.

Judith Lipmanson

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