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I would appreciate any information from the 2nd record in this attachment of a Ukrainian marriage record from 1899.  I know it is the marriage on 2 March 1899 in Bolechow of Josef Mordche Beer, age 35, to Perl Appel, born in Rohatyn, age 35 (father - Naftali Appel; 


mother - Dwora Appel).  Any additional information is appreciated.


Susan Gray, Chicago
 -FELDSTEIN / FELDSZTAJN / FELTON etc.; GOLDBERG; WEINSTEIN from Warsaw, Lutsk, Kamenets Podolskiy, Kholm.
-APPLE / APPEL / APEL etc; TAUB; LINEAL / LINIAL; KLEIN from Burshtyn, Rogatin, Sarniki, Putyatinsy, Dem'yanov.
-PAILET / PEYLET / PAILED etc; ITZCOVITZ / ITSKOVITCH etc. from Butrimonys, Panosiskes, Nemajunai, Vilnius.
-RATSAN / RACAN; SIROTA from Butrimonys, Jieznas, Brishton.

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