BAMBERGERs in mid-19th century Hartford #germany #usa

Neil Kominsky

I have significant indications of a relationship between two sets of BAMBERGERs living in Hartford, Connecticut around 1850. 
One family originates with David BAMBERGER, b. Bavaria 1780, d. New York City, 1866. The 1855 Hartford City Directory has him in the clothing business on Main Street.   His son is Leopold BAMBERGER, b. Rheinpfalz, Bavaria 6/27/1827, d. San Francisco 8/21/1902.  Leopold's wife was Theresa LITTAUER.  Their children, both born in Hartford, were Hulda BAMBERGER, b.10/12/1850, married Marcus J. Waldheimer of New York, d. Los Angeles, 7/18/1925, and Ira Leo BAMBERGER, b.1/21/1852, who went on to become a prominent attorney in New York, d.12/28/1919.
The other family is Hannah BAMBERGER FOX, b. in Bavaria 5/24/1814, d. Hartford 12/12/1875. Hannah was the wife of Gerson FOX (born FUCHS), (1811-1880). He was the proprietor of a fancy goods shop on Main Street, which his descendants grew into G. Fox & Co, Hartford's major department store.
Besides the connections of name and locale, I have found a New York business document from the 1870s which groups as corespondents in a lawsuit Ira Leo BAMBERGER, Jacob WALDHEIMER, who was Hulda's father-in-law, and Gerson Fox, who would have no reason to be involved in a NY business situation except for a possible connections with the BAMBERGERs, who, by then, had moved to New York.
I have been absolutely unable to document Hannah BAMBERER FOX's family of origin, which I think is the key to the situation.
Any help on this stone wall would be much appreciated.
Neil Kominsky
Brookline, MA

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