Re: Question re Polish parents' anglicised names on 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate #poland #unitedkingdom

Peter Lebensold

I have a somewhat similar situation where people who my mother had always told me were relatives had been using a newly-adopted surname (WERNER) since their arrival in the U.K. in 1907.  On their application (in 1913) for U.K. Naturalization, they not only used their new - WERNER - family name but also (I guess to keep things simple) retroactively renamed the parents of the groom (back in Poland) as WERNERs too!  Needless to say, this made finding any relevant earlier Polish records quite difficult ... until it dawned on me that, while they might have changed the parents' surname, they were unlikely to have gone to the trouble of changing their given names or their home town.  A search of JRI-Poland with both the WERNERs' given names quickly found their wedding registration - as SZAFIRs, my mother's maiden surname.  I suspect that no one, at the time, ever bothered to check (even if they could be found) any of the Polish records.  There is no indication that the SZAFIR parents ever used the name WERNER.

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