Family names #galicia

Gayle Schlissel Riley

Not true. I have found in the Tarnowski family records located in
Krakow, my families' last names in the 1772 and 1791 records --
the same names used in the arrival records. So not all records are
the same.

Gayle Schlissel Riley
Tarnobrzeg web site co-ordinator

Grzegorz Gembala <> wrote:

You will barely find any pre-1800 records, due to the fact that Jews
did not have any family names at that time (just patronimica). Thus,
official BMD recording was non existent. You can search for data
mostly in aristocratic records, based on the particular property of
their respective landlords, e.g. Potocki, Czartoryski etc., but all you
will find are names lists like Moszko Rabinowicz (son of Rabbi),
Abram Jakubowicz etc. Only some important rabbinical families,
mostly of Sfardi origin did bear family names at that time.

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