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I have reached a dead-end in finding lost relatives of the Freitig/Freitag family from Sakiai. Our grandfather (1908-1996) was the sole survivor of his family because he left for Israel before the war, a son of Izak Freitag who married Sara Rosenblum in Vilkaviskis and moved there. He mentioned that several of his father's brothers had left at the beginning of the 20th century (or before) to escape compulsory army service in Lithuania. He said in order not to be found they had changed their names from Freitag into Levi or Levine (he thought), a common Jewish name. He mentioned they might have emigrated to Machester or Birmingham, UK and this could also be a transit place for the USA, but there was very little he knew, as they had left by the time he was growing up. Izak was the youngest brother (1888). His older siblings were Abel Leib (1869), Jeremias Mozes (1878), Sheine Rocha (she stayed in Lithuania). Elias Zalman (1883) and Benjamin Ber (1885). They were children of Israel Abraham Freitag and Ita Bluma Gamler from Szaki/Sakiai, Lithuania. Who knows this family?

Elsina Bayrach
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