Re: My maternal grandmother, Fanny RECHTSCHAFFNER #ukraine

Marcel Apsel

Could Rechtschaffner not be a phonetic variant or mistake in writing for Rechtschaffen.  I have a Fanny Rechtschaffen, daughter of Pinchas Rechtschaffen (1864-1928) and Malka Sara Klein (1866-1939).  No more information.

On  the other hand my great-grandmother Sara Rechtschaffen, was married to my great-grandfather Shlomo Apsel and must have died before 1910, because there are some granddaughters who are named after her and born after 1910.  A lot of Apsels and their family were also living near the Sztrelisk area.  After Sara Apsel (born Rechtschaffen) passed away, her husband moved to Olchowiec, a little hamlet just miles away of Bobrka (which much be 25-30 away from Sztrelisk) to one of his sons.  Which information do you have on your Rechtschaffner who might be Rechtschaffen.

I don’t mind you to answer me privately


Marcel Apsel

Antwerpen, Belgium



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