Need Help locating s Ship's Manifest, Port of New York /FEUERLICHT family #usa #hungary #general

Alex Magocsi

A number of members of the Herman and Johanna FEUERLICHT family reportedly arrived at the Port of New York on 1 Sep 1891.  Along with Herman und Johanna, daughters Irene and Bertha and sons Albert and Sydney Julius were also in the group of arrivals.

I’ve not been able to find a ship’s manifest for this event.  I have taken the date & port of arrival from naturalization documents for the two sons along with index cards of those naturalization documents.  They were from the Košice / Kassa Region of Austria-Hungary, now Slovakia.

I have reviewed familysearch dot org and also ancestry dot com.

In reference to this family, I have also found the Feuerlicht name transcribed as follows: Firelicht, Faierlikt, Fajerlicht, Feurlicht.  I am sure there are other interpretations.

Can anyone assist me in locating a ship’s manifest?  I do not know their port of departure.  

Alex Magocsi

York Maine / Hamburg Germany

Researching, currently:


 GROSZ, Nyirbator Hungary
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