Help needed re a mysterious record notation / Jewish Death Records #galicia #ukraine #general

Simon Kreindler

A microfilm from the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City contains the Lviv Jewish Death Records (1805-1870) database. The original is in the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv and was added to Gesher Galicia’s All Galicia Database in 2013. 
The database includes a death record for a man I believe is my great great grandfather, Simon Kreindler.
It includes the Year of Registration of his death,1864,
The town of Record: Lviv (now Lviv, L’vivs’ka oblast, Ukraine)
Town of Death: Solotwine, (Stanislower District)
House Number  360 2/4 (which Gesher Galicia says was a prison in Lviv)
Sex: M
Age: 74
In the comments section of the record next to Simon’s name is the word: “strafling.” 
One other record on the same page also has the notation “Strafling” where others show the names of relatives.
I am told the word “strafling....” means convict or prisoner.

I am curious if anyone else has encountered this notation and can shed any light on why an orthodox Jewish man might have been a convict or, if he was a prisoner, why he might have been incarcerated?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Simon Kreindler
Toronto, Canada
Researcher number 6913

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