JewishGen Education offers new Mentored Study Group June 12 - June 28 #general

Nancy Holden

JewishGen Education offers a new Mentored Study Group
The Savvy Searcher
June 12 - June 28, 2020

Do you ever wish that you could search quickly and find that elusive
information about one of your ancestors?

Wish you could outguess the database you know holds the answer to your
missing information?

Wonder why you need a different set of skills for each database?

Join a Mentored Study group and let's work together as we explore the
major subscription databases, JewishGen and some of the free resources.
Amazing how much we can turn up sharing a problem.

The Savvy Searcher uses more than one source and more than one set of
The Savvy Searcher establishes a bag of tricks.
The Savvy Searcher saves time.
Let's work together to create a list of Tools, Tips, Tricks, Techniques
and Tutorials.

Instructional guides and case studies will be provided.

Students must feel comfortable with computers, with database research
and with posting to the private JewishGen class forum.
Class is open 24/7. Cost is $50 for two weeks.

To Register:
For information, please email the instructor,

Nancy Holden,
Director of Education

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