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Sally Bruckheimer

The custom of not naming children after living relatives is only in Ashkenazi circles. Many Sephardic Jews commonly give names of living parents to their children.
I am not familiar with surnames from Moldova (despite having ancestry in Kishinev), but to me your last name BUZILA sounds like it could have Sephardic origins"
The naming of children after grandparents, living or dead, was followed in Western Europe Ashkenazi as well as Sephardi. But the problem I see in this statement, is assuming a strange name is Sephardic. There are many strange names among Ashkenazi. With many ethnic groups withing a region, using many languages, it is no wonder that we find strange names, without assuming any origin. Jews had to be at least somewhat familiar with the languages used in their area, as they bought and sold with non-Jews, and they dealt with governments.
We need to keep open minds when doing genealogy. Yes, you can guess where somebody may have come from, if it helps find records in that area - I have done that, looking for my ggrandmother's family in St. Louis, and ultimately finding them in NYC; and in another line, finding their origin in wonderful records.
But Guggenheim's Jewish Family Name book suggests BUZILA comes for the Arabic for 'underweight coins'. Whether that is right or not, I don't know, but she agrees with me on the origin of Bruckheimer.
You can also check Beiden's books.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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