Women's names Poland and Lithuania #poland #lithuania #names


In researching a family they had 2 daughters while living in Grodno, Liza and Luba.  Between the parents filing naturalization papers, newspaper articles etc I was able to work out some approximate birth years for these 2 women.  They stayed in Europe after their parents left in 1936 to come to live with their son in the US.  They were born in Grodno, Russia (then Poland) but one moved to Lithuania according to the father's papers.  I've found 2 records in Kaunas in 1936 and 1941 that I believe is one of these women but the names are Leah/Leja.  One is the Internal Passport which lines up birth town, father's name, maiden name and birth year I estimated.  The parents also listed that one daughter was in Lithuania in 1936 and on their naturalization papers in 1941.  The other is a voters list in 1941 which again lines up with birth year.  I've read that Leah and Leja are the same name, and Luba is Yiddish for loved one.  Could they call her Luba but her real name was Leah?  Or call her Liza and her real name was Leah?

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