Early 1900s records from Rosario, Argentina #latinamerica


All of my grandparents emigrated as children from Eastern Europe to Argentina (or England then Argentina) in the early 1900s. I only have a Specific birthplace for one of them. I have found a lot on Jewishgen.org for that one grandparent only.

I have searched cemla.com and found some ship records. I am now searching for marriage records from Rosario, Argentina to hopefully find birthplaces.

Does anyone know the most effective way to get government documents from ~100 years ago when I don’t know the exact years of marriage? They are also Jewish weddings so I don’t know if there even are official records.

I tried partidasYa.com but it was unclear to me that they could get the documents and I have to pay up front. Perhaps it’s a language miscommunication.

Estela from consultas.agja gave me some leads but she did not have information from Rosario.

Any tips are greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Helen Charca Gonzales
Albuquerque, NM USA

CZARKA/MOSAK - Idzikowice, Poland
EPSTEIN/BLUM - Ukraine? to Rosario vía England

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