My grandfather Morris Weinstein received his draft notice into the Russian army in November, 1905. He was told to report, or show reason not to. I have the original notice on light green flimsy paper. He brought it with him when he arrived in New York on January 6, 2006. I also have a store receipt, he saved, which shows he bought socks and shirts in Hamburg, before his departure. My grandfather was a draft dodger, thank goodness.


of registration with the Selective Service Section of 

the City of Riga

Registered in the City of Riga under the social status and tax bracket No 128.

Meier Zelik Leizerov Weinstein, born 5 August 1885, under article 112 of the War Regulations, issued 1897, for the fulfillment of Military Service, is registered at the City of Riga Selective Service Section.

Religious affiliation:  Mosaic Law

Occupation, Trade or Business:  Coachman training

Read? Yes Write? Yes  

Distinctive marks:   

  1. Height: 2 meters 3-6/8 vershok (1-3/4 inches)    4. Eyes: Light Blue
  2. Hair:  Blond 5. Beard:  Clean Shaven
  3. Eye brows: Light Blond 6. Special marks: None

The above named is subject to Military Service by conscription as of 1906 and in accordance with Regulation 4 for the composition of the list by family attached to the Instructions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated 8 February 1874 change Number 6, is obligated to immediately inform the Department of the Riga City Government of any changes in his familial circumstances, such as additions or loss of family members, following the registration at the Induction Center.

Independent of that, he is obligated to deliver to the Department in the second half of 1905, no later than 30 November 1905, concrete evidence of his family standing. 

Issued by the Department of Riga City Directorate of Military Induction.

23 September 1905, by Number 690/1912. 

Representative of the City Leadership> 

Manager . "

Linda S. Mintz


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