Re: Require help in ordering Bobrka, Lwow birth certificate #poland

Mark Halpern

Dear Rose:

The 1919 Bobrka births are included in a register that still resides at the USC (civil records office) in Warsaw. Your sister-in-law can obtain an offical extract of the record by providing details of the birth to the USC. The email for the Warsaw USC is 

Best regards,
Mark Halpern


On 2020-05-31 7:40 pm, Rose wrote:

Dear Group


I'm currently assisting my sister-in-law in locating a birth certificate/extract for her paternal uncle Leib KLINGS. Leib was the youngest of three sons born to Mendel and Leiba KLINGS (SCHAFFEL) in Bobrka, Lwow, in 1919. His elder brothers Naftali and Ignacy, survived the war and subsequently emigrated to the USA and Australia. However, Leib and his parents all perished in the Shoah. My sister-in-law has one image of her uncle found in the Bobrka Yizkor book by the Magen David Adom Tracing Department in 2014.


I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction re ordering this document.


Best wishes

Rose Raymen

Perth, Western Australia







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