Unraveling the Mysteries of Admixture, Ethnicity, and Ancient Origin Reports #dna #announcements #education

Adam Cherson

Dear Researchers,


Have you ever wondered how it could be that admixture and heritage reports often include ethnicities, sometimes in trace amounts, which seem incomprehensible or wrong or contradictory to other such reports? The riddle of these mysterious ancestries has led me to study admixture for over ten years.


In that time I have developed a scientific method for the study of personal genography. Personal genography is the study of an individual’s entire genome across historical epochs, regions, and cultures by comparing the person’s autosomal DNA to that of over 2,000 DNA samples drawn from the remains of ancient and archaic humans.


Personal genography fulfills the promise of genetic genealogy by providing an accurate picture of a person’s cultural, ethnic, and geographical ancestry across large periods of time, shedding light on those mysterious ancestries that often crop up in admixture and ethnic origin reports-- and the method can be used by any person regardless of how much knowledge of their own ancestry they now have.


Even a person who does not know anything about one or both parents may use this method to study deep ancestry. Those who do have a broader knowledge of their genealogy may further apply the method to specific branches of their tree. For example, applying the method to both parents will provide a subtle understanding of how one’s individual paternal and maternal origins vary..


I am offering to produce a limited number of personal genographic reports covering 13 epochs of human history and pre-history, from 50,000 years ago up to and including 1300 CE.


This offer is open to anyone who has, or plans to obtain an autosomal DNA test. Autosomal tests are the types of tests generally used by the major testing companies for full genome matching across the entire database.


Please contact me privately for more details about the method, example reports, pricing, scheduling, and the mechanics of how to obtain a report: genography@....


Adam Cherson, JD-MPA

New York, NY, USA

Data Manager: Atlas of Ancestral Genography

Book Editor: Dieveniskes and Voronova Yizkor Book Translations

Project Administrator: Khrszn HaCohen J-M267 Project at FTDNA



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