Jagiellonian University Records Added to the All Galicia Database #galicia

Gesher Galicia SIG

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of new records to
the All Galicia Database– a database that offers free access to all.
See: https://search.geshergalicia.org/.

This update refers to the recent addition of indexes of Jewish medical
students from Galicia who attended the Jagiellonian University,
1919–1939. Where applicable, the extracted information from the
Jagiellonian has been linked with the students’ education in other
European universities.

To date, the entire project comprises indexed records of about 5,400
Jewish medical students. The following indexes from several university
archives can be easily searched in the All Galicia Database:

— Jagiellonian University (1802–1939)

— Lwów (Lemberg) University (1894–1939)

— Pest University (1793–1921)

— Prague University (German and Czech universities) (1882–1939)

In addition to the open-access All Galicia Database, Gesher Galicia
members can view supplemental information (where available) derived
from the university records and other sources (e.g., information on
parents, course of studies, postgraduate professional details, etc.).
These annotated indexes are accessible via the Members Portal after
login at https://www.geshergalicia.org/login/, and can be found in the
Archival Records section there (go to:

To learn more about the Jewish Medical Students Project, please visit
our homepage.

We invite everyone to share additional details about Jewish medical
students found to date, and in particular with information about
emigration or employment, or from the Holocaust period.

Please contact us at info@... with questions about the
project or these new additions. Our annotated database is updated

Andrew Zalewski, MD

Vice President, Gesher Galicia

Medical Students Project Coordinator

Send all inquiries to info@...

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