Steven Lowenstein Historian of German Judaism passed away May 31 #germany

Ralph Baer

Steven Lowenstein, historian of German Judaism and the German Jewish immigrant community of Washington Heights in Manhattan, passed away on May 31. and

I met Steve the first time I went to the Leo Baeck Institute in late 1977 or early 1978. He was an archivist there at the time. We have exchanged e-mails sporadically ever since. A matter of fact, the reason that I found out that he passed away is that an e-mail bounced. When he asked me at the LBI what towns I was researching, I mentioned Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken. He then asked, what families? I responded "Gunzenhäuser". He then asked if I knew Anne (originally Anneliese) Sachsendorfer nee Gunzenhäuser, his aunt. I said, sure, she is my mother's cousin. I was in the same HIgh School class as Steve's younger brother, but it took a few minutes to draw the connection.

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