Double Surname in Belarus Revision List #belarus #general

Steven Usdansky

Looking through the Belarus Revision Lists for Siniensky, I was able to find a listing for my great-great grandfather, Feivel (Fayvush in the listing) and his family from dated July, 1874, in Lyubcha. Looks like my great-grandfather and at least one of his sisters were a few years older than they claimed upon entry to the US.  

What's confusing me is the double surnames on the Revision List; the family surname is showing up as "Shliomovich Sinensky." This is the first time I've encountered Shliomovich as part of the surname. It looks like a patronymic, but according to the list, Feivel's father was Iosel, not Shliomo. No father's name is shown for Feivel's wife, Itka. My first thought was perhaps Shliomo was Iosel's father; my second thought was perhaps it was Itka's surname name. However, I'm just guessing with nothing to go on, and thought perhaps someone here might have experience with such names and could advise.

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