Re: FTJP-Family Tree of the Jewish People #courland #general

Nicole Heymans

I uploaded a GedCom update to FTJP in July 2019 and the online data hasn't yet been updated. I understood priority was migrating the website to NextGeneration, so I hope data presently in the queue should appear online in the not-too-distant future.

My mother was Jewish, my father not, so I only post my maternal line to FTJP. I posted all my ancestry to FTDNA and GedMatch when I tested several years ago, and need to refresh these as FTDNA now accepts all-included (up and down) family trees, and I think GedMatch also.

I also have a family tree on MyHeritage, including my husband's family, however as this exceeds 2500 individuals, hence a cost of over €200 pa, I need to check how ceasement of payment would affect availability of the tree if "anything happens to me".

I would not recommend Geni. There are issues with soundness of data. I have never used Geni, so someone else welcome to chime in. I understand entire branches of A's tree can be imported into B's tree without any checks on soundness of data. And unsound data propagates at least as fast on genealogical websites as conspiracy theories on social media. (For the same reason: an answer to a brickwall).

Hope this helps, keep safe,

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium


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