Records in the Lithuanian database #lithuania

Terry Ashton

I was wondering if there are detailed B/D/M records available in the Lithuanian database, in the same way as can be found on JRI Poland?  For example, when a record is found through JRI Poland, and placed on VewMate for translation, there are often quite a few details such as time, place, date, witness names, names of newborn child etc. which can be extracted for the researcher. The information on any Lithuanian records I have found in the past, seem to be much sparser than JRI Poland records. Was less information given to/recorded by authorities in Lithuania in earlier times?

Thank you,

Terry Ashton, Australia

PRASHKER: Kalisz/SZUMOWSKI: Gorki, Zdunska Wola, Lomza/WAJNGOT: Poland/WIERZBOWICZ: Gorki, Lomza/GOLDMAN: Blaszki, Poland/SEGAL/SEGALOVICH: Vilnius/HOLTZ: Dvinsk



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