Trying to locate family for a "foundling" found in Russia in 1942 #dna #holocaust #russia #photographs

Barbara L. Kornblau

Fellow Jewishgeners,

I am trying to help find family for a now adult child who was found abandoned in Russia in 1942. His nephew contacted me.

"My name is Alex, I live in Danville, California, my email poloziouk@...

I’m trying to help my uncle Gennady to find his relatives.

My uncle was separated from his family in 1942 when when he was approximately 3 years old. 

The official document provided by the orphanage states that he was found in 1942 sitting on the bench at Belinskogo street 72, Tomsk city, USSR (now Russia), well dressed wearing wool costume, blue coat, mittens, hat and green garnet scarf." He described to me that his clothes were thought to be very formal for a young child, and like nothing no one had ever seen in a child that young. The rest of the story:

Tomsk city was far from WWII front and was used as evacuation hub, many factories from western parts of USSR were moved to Tomks at that time. There's high chance that he was on one of those evacuation trains and most likely something happened to his parents while they were on the train (trains were regularly bombed by Nazis) or he was separated from them somehow.

He was found sitting on the bench in the park which is about 1.5mi from Tomsk train station.

Gennady does not know his real name and was looking for his family all these years.

He lives in Moscow, Russia.

I helped him to do 23andme DNA testing.

Gennady’s photos

Here’s link to a relatives list

If you think you can help, please feel free to contact his nephew, Alex, whose email is above or contact me and I can contact Alex. Thanks

Barbara L. Kornblau

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