Re: Looking for MUTCHNIK /MUCZNIK family from Warsaw, Poland #warsaw #holocaust

Vered Dayan

Hi JoAnne,
When looking for possible-survivors' descendants or family, there are usually 2 things to do (Apart from what you already did): 1. Enter the Yad-Vashem database and search for POTs - Pages of Testimony - to see perhaps a relative submitted such a form in memory of the people you are looking for, in your case, for a Mutchnik family from Warsaw. If someone did so, you can try to locate them, which is a different story. 2. Join the several Facebook groups dealing with Polish Jewish roots, and post there. There are quite a few, and the more information you give the other members, the higher the chances to find a lead. For example, if your friend knows where her aunt fled to, write it there. If you don't have a Facebook account, ask someone who has to do it for you. The groups I know of:
Israelis of Polish Origin:
Polish Roots:
(Those 2 up there are Israeli, but you can post in English). Also:
Tracing the Tribe - Jewish Genealogy on Facebook: 
Polish Jewish Roots:
Jewish Genealogy Poland:
Jews from Warsaw:
Jewish Genealogy Surname Project:
Jewish Ancestry in Poland: 
Wide exposure yields better results.
Good luck,
Vered Dayan

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