Re: Polish estate near Bela Tserkva PRITZKER FAMILY #ukraine


Hi Susan,

My maternal grandfather's line is from Belaya Tserkov (Averbukh, Kuppershmidt, Gabovich, Zurakhov) and my grandmother frequently mentioned the Branitskys. They were Polish which was not unusual because the region had belonged to Poland at some point. The family pretty much owned the town by keeping many merchants and artisans in business; it was rather benevolent. My grandmother, the family's seamstress beginning from a young age, would run to the Branitsky estate when Countess Branitsky was in town in order to catch sight of her and "copy" the latest fashion. There were even sayings in Belaya Tserkov for someone who considered themselves superior: "Look at him, a new Branitsky." 

My mother-in-law was from Tarashcha and an adjacent hamlet Stavishche both near Belaya Tserkov. She, too, recalled the Branitsky name. And she talked of the Pritzkers who emigrated from Tarashcha and kept in touch with kin in the old country, so as a child she was present when some of their letters were read. The current Illinois governor comes from that family. I wonder if the Pritzkers had their family tree done. 

Good luck,

Bena Shklyanoy.

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