Died while in the army sometime between 1880 and 1883 SZTYGLIC/STEIGLITZ or similar spellings #poland #russia

Barry Clarke

My great-grandfather died or was killed while in the army (would have been in Russian army most likely if he was a RUSSIAN POLE, as was his wife). This would have been between 1880 and 1883. Nobody knows his first name. My father believed his family name was STEIGLITZ OR SIMILAR but I am told, while this is possible as parts of Russian Poland were previously in Prussian Empire, the name would more likely be SZTYGLIC OR SIMILAR. Basically, I am optimistically hoping that someone knows of a such-named Russian Pole with this history! The only certain other info I have is that his wife's (my great-grandmother) was MOLLY (MALKA?) SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR born early 1860s, maybe in JEDWABNE, where we know her brother MAX (MAKSYMILLIAN?) was born around 1870. Their parents were MARKS AND ZLATO SZKLARKIEWICZ OR SIMILAR. Steiglitz/Styglic and Molly had a son, SAMUEL, my grandfather, born 22 April 1881. We don't know where they married or where Samuel was born. Steiglitz/Styglic apparently died shortly before or shortly after Samuel was born. Molly emigrated to the UK sometime 1881 to 1883. She married a JACOB CLARKE from SEIDLCE who she met on the boat over to the UK, and so my grandfather was given the family name Clarke. Hence, no knowledge about Steiglitz/Sztyglic. Any ideas welcome.

Barry Clarke,
Originally from London and Hove, UK, but living in Sarasota, Florida

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