CLARKE and MYERS Families, mainly in CAPE TOWN but also JO'BURG and DURBAN (Some Clarkes earlier in BULAWAYO) #unitedkingdom #southafrica

Barry Clarke

If anyone happens to know anything about any of those named below, I would be very grateful if you would contact me.

I believe the first of the CLARKES in S. Africa were MAX and ESTHER (nee LANDSBERG) CLARKE (originally SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar) from JEDWABNE or region, Poland. They had lived in the UK (I believe DUBLIN, IRELAND) in the 1880s/1890s, then BULAWAYO in the 1890s/early 1900s, then CAPE TOWN.


Montague/Monty married ANGELA. He was a psychiatrist. For unknown reason they committed dual suicide when he was in his eighties. They had a daughter DEANNE CLARKE.

Norman married JEAN (I believe they divorced). I believe he was a stockbroker in JO'BURG. Their children were PENELOPE and PETER CLARKE. Evelyn married PERCY GOULDMANN (but changed family name to SCOTT). Their daughter was BENITA who married a POPE.

Max's sister was MOLLY CLARKE (my great-grandmother). She had been married in POLAND to a STEIGLITZ/SZTYGLIC OR SIMILAR but he apparently died or was killed in the early 1880s while in the army around the time their son, my grandfather SAMUEL, was born. Molly emigrated at that time to DUBLIN and LIVERPOOL UK before CAPE TOWN around 1905.

Molly married JACOB CLARKE in the UK. In addition to SAMUEL CLARKE, they had a daughter GERTIE CLARKE and a son HENRY CLARKE.

SAMUEL married AMELIA BARNETT in the UK and emigrated to UK about 1911. Their children were DENIS Clarke and ARLETTE who emigrated to JO'BURG and married JULES ABELMAN.

GERTIE CLARKE married JOSEPH/JOE MYERS. Joseph's mother was ANN BUIRSKI. Their children were LOLA MYERS who married and divorced HEINZ TRADELIUS in DURBAN, and HORACE/HORATIO MYERS, apparently a child genius who became a doctor, and married and divorce LISELOTTE ASCH.

HENRY CLARKE married AIMEE TUCHTEN who from a previous marriage had a daughter BABETTE. He worked for a shipping company F. J . FAWKES.

I hope to hear from anyone who has even the slightest information about any of these names. That would be much appreciated.

Barry Clarke
From London and Hove, UK, originally. Living now in Sarasota, Florida

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