Re: Father and son with same given name I have come across #general


It may be that they're just not very traditional. It actually happened in my Ashkenazic-but-very-not-religious family in Vienna, Germany and New York.

My great-grandfather Henry (Heinrich) was named after his father when he was born in Vienna in 1878. Of course, they quickly learned why that was traditionally not a good idea: Henry's twin brother died three days later, and their father, the original Heinrich, died 11 days after the twins were born. But Henry lived until he died of a heart attack at 55 (same cause of death as the original Heinrich, and about the same age).

Also in the family are two Theodores who were named after their uncle, living at the time of their birth, but they didn't have the same misfortune. The original Theodore was born in Nahbollenbach, Germany in 1881 and got to America in 1938, was still living in 1948 at the age of 67. I don't know when he died. One of the Theodore nephews was born in Nahbollenbach in 1907, got to America in 1941, lived to 73. The other Theodore nephew was Henry's son, born in Brooklyn in 1905, lived to 1955. And that New York Theodore had a son Theodore Jr., who is still living at 84.

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