Re: FTJP-Family Tree of the Jewish People #general #courland

Herbert Lazerow

Any genealogical tidbit that you find online is only a clue, whether it is a family tree on FTJP, Genie, Ancestry, MyHeritage.  You need to verify it, then evaluate it. If it is a NJ marriage, you check it against the index to NJ marriages.  But indexers make mistakes too, so if it is important, you look at a copy of the original record. Even the original record may be incorrect. I have a great-uncle for whom official records and his tombstone provide 6 different dates of birth.  When I finally found the original birth record in Ukraine, they were all incorrect. Like a good detective, you note every clue, but you also evaluate each one to determine what weight you should accord it.
Bert Lazerow
Professor of Law
University of San Diego

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