Are there (death) Records or Anouncements of Polish Jews in the Russian Army circa 1880? #poland #russia

Barry Clarke

My Polish great-grandfather was in the Russian army and died or was killed around the time his son (my grandfather) was born, so 1880 to 1883. Nobody knows his first name nor am I certain how he spelt his last name. My father believes it was Steiglitz or Stieglitz or similar. A Pole suggested it may have been Sztyglic or similar. We don't know where he was from. We maybe can assume Jedwabne (Poland) as that is where his wife's brother was born in 1870 and therefore may have been the family home town. There is also the possibility (because of a photo and a questionable document) that it was Warsaw.

I would be prepared to search all the spellings of the last name in both Jedwabne and Warsaw if anyone can tell/guide me precisely how/where to search, be it death records, military records, newspaper announcements etc. OR maybe a recommendation of a Pole who could search for me. One person has advised me that there were no records of Jews who served in the Russian military, only officers.


Barry Clarke
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