Immigration to US of Avram/Abraham BERCOVICI/BERKOWITZ from #romania

Mike Grossman

I have searched major sites for arrival information of Avram/Abraham BERCOVICI/BERKOWITZ born in Romania around 1884, arriving in US around 1903/4, and settling in Philadelphia (appears there in 1910 US Census) . Also searching for arrival information of wife Pepi/Bessie BRODER (nee)/BERKOWITZ born in Romania around 1884 and arriving in US around 1903/4, because daughter Pearl born 25 December 1903 (one records show 1902) in Romania and was 7 in 1910 US Census. Other 3 children were born in Philadelphia: Dora/Dorothy on 09 Aug 1904/5, Jacob/Jack on 20 Sept 1905/6, and Ella/Alice on 7 July 1907.
I'm stuck, and any information leading to the arrival dates/ships for Avram/Abraham, Pepi/Bessie, and Pearl will be much appreciated. I've searched arrival records of NY Ellis Island, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Canadian Border. The closest hit I get is Abraham Berkowitz (but he still went by Avram Bercovici in 1907) , arriving on the ship Saint Louis on 18 July 1904, but with no family.
Thank you.
Mike Grossman
Urbana, Illinois, USA

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