David ABRAMOWITZ (?)-Boston, late 19th early 20th cent. #usa

Yonatan Ben-Ari

My great grandfather's brother ,David ABRAMOWITZ left New Haven, Ct.,
sometime around the turn of the 19-20 th. cent. (maybe earlier) to
seek his fortune in Boston. He found work in a dept. store and (after
marrying into family of the owners ?) rose to managerial position.

In the mid1930s my grandfather tried to contact his uncle at the dept.
store and was "brushed off" being told that David was an elderly man ,
not in good health and was vacationing in his winter home in Florida.

David may have changed his family name (ABRAMS?) and most likely did
not lead an orthodox jewish life as my grandfather did and may not
have wanted to have contact with his religious family.

David was one of four orphaned siblings who came to the USA (New
Haven) with their widowed mother Gittle ABRAMOWITZ, originally from
Novarodok (Belarus ?) presumably around 1870-1880. He was probably
close to his sister Sarah (don't know her married name) but she and
her husband lived (or vacationed) on Coney Island, NYC. My late
mother met Sarah on Coney Island during the first half of the 1930s.
Sarah seems to have had a grandson, Tom, who also may have also lived
or studied in college in the 1930s and was my mother's age (then early

The above was wrtten in my mother's autobiography and I am not sure
that all the details are 100% correct.

If the above story sounds familiar to anyone I would be happy to hear from you.


Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

p.s. My great great grandmother was somehow related to Rabbi Isaac
Simcha HUREWITZ who served during the first decades of the 20 th cent.
in Hartford, Ct.

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